In 2011 - long before Square Enix's Marvel's Avengers was announced - THQ Studio Australia and Blue Tongue Entertainment were working on their very own first-person version of the popular superhero series for Xbox 360 and multiple other platforms. Its release was planned to coincide with the first Avengers movie, but THQ began experiencing financial troubles and the project was axed.

Although the cancellation of the game is already well documented, earlier this week, ten minutes of brand new footage of the Xbox 360 version was uploaded to YouTube by Andrew Borman - the digital games curator at the Museum of Play. Here's the full rundown:

This is footage from an early build of THQ's The Avengers, running on Xbox 360. It was recovered from a harddrive over on ObscureGamers, and is missing many of the files that may have once been included, if they ever made it to an Xbox 360 build.

As you can see in the video above, it's a very early build of the team-based game - showing Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, and Thor beating up a lot of Skrulls. There's still enough on display to get a rough idea of what it might have turned into had it been released.

Looking towards the future now - Square Enix has already confirmed it will be sharing more details about its own third-person co-op entry later this month, on 24th June. Will you be tuning in to its War Table stream? Would you have preferred a first-person game, like the one on display above? Share your thoughts down below.

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