Updated Story (Fri 1st May, 2020 19:30 BST): Industry veteran Geoff Keighley has announced Summer Game Fest - a four-month long showcase (May-August 2020) of digital events, in-game events and playable content. The showcase, which will have a schedule on its website on Tuesday, will act as a "central hub" of programming for different platforms and publishers, which will include a playable Game Festival from Xbox.

The details are a little vague at the moment, but Keighley has indicated more via a Reddit AMA about the Summer Game Fest, including what to expect from the "playable content" mentioned:

Did you see The Game Festival on Steam last December or around GDC? There will be another one in June with games. And Xbox will also be doing a playable festival. More platforms to be announced. You can download and play from home!

The Steam Game Festival most recently took place in March, and featured playable demos for over 40 games on the PC platform. We're assuming Xbox will be doing something similar with its event (nothing has been confirmed as of yet).

Speaking more about the "playable content" that will be part of Summer Game Fest in general, Keighley mentioned "big games", but suggested to keep expectations in check:

"There will be playable content, and maybe some big surprises. There are also things like alpha and betas on big games. I would not expect that every major game is going to be doing a demo for you -- maybe eventually, but also let's be realistic about the world we are in right now. Work from home is challenging for studios and they need to finish their games too. But I see a day when yes, all major games have playable trailers or slices."

What do you make of this news? Let us know in the comments, and we'll update you as we hear more.

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