PlayStation 4 Controller
Image: @evgphotos

Sony and Microsoft may be rivals in the console gaming space, but the pair have been working together since last year on cloud-based technology – and according to Sony’s executive vice president Toru Katsumoto, that relationship is only going to mature as time goes on.

Back in May 2019, Microsoft and Sony revealed that they were entering into a “strategic partnership” which would see the Japanese company utilising Microsoft's Azure data centres for cloud gaming and streaming. In addition to this, the pair would also collaborate in the realms of semiconductors and AI.

During an earnings call on Tuesday (which has helpfully been transcribed by our friends over at VGC), Katsumoto spoke a little more about the burgeoning relationship, which he described as “a very strong partnership” which will continue in the “mid to long-term”:

Since last year we have been discussing this collaboration with Microsoft. In addition to cloud streaming games [there are] semiconductors, consumer electronics and remote solutions… in these areas we are proceeding with our discussions. Microsoft Azure has splendid cloud technologies and they have given us [clear] explanations so far. Each side has its merits and it seems that our mutual understanding is deepening after discussions.

Katsumoto added that Sony is relying on Microsoft's knowledge to overcome the issue of server congestion during the evenings and that the Japanese giant is currently discussing this "technical point" with its American partner.

So, while Xbox Series X and PS5 will be going up against one another later this year, the creators of these two systems are actually working together to ensure that the future of online gaming is as bright as it can be – and that can only be good for the consumer.