Since it's the weekend, now is a great time to try out the new update for Ninja Theory's team-based fighter, Bleeding Edge. It adds Mekko, the "trash-talking crab-walking" dolphin piloting a mech suit. As noted within the official patch notes, the character was originally postponed so the team could fix and improve the overall quality of the gameplay.

Mekko is the first ranged tank character in the game and comes with a unique block ability in place of a dodge. The design of this dolphin is said to bring a "whole new play style" to the world of Bleeding Edge. There are also new emotes, new board graphics, new music tracks, and plenty of fixes, balances and optimisations.

Earlier this week, Bleeding Edge celebrated its first month. Yep, it's already been out for one month. It's also out on Xbox Game Pass. To mark this special occasion, Ninja Theory revealed some interesting in-game stats:

Bleeding Edge Graphic

Did you play Bleeding Edge in the first month of its release? Have you tried out Mekko yet? Leave a comment down below.