Red Dead Redemption Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary Today

It feels like we've celebrated a lot of major Xbox anniversaries recently, and here's another one - Red Dead Redemption was first released for Xbox 360 ten years ago today on May 18, 2010.

As we all know, the Rockstar Games epic went on to achieve an incredible reception from both critics and fans alike, winning multiple Game of the Year awards following its release. It also later received a standalone expansion in the form of the zombie-infested Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare.

And of course, Rockstar followed it up with Red Dead Redemption 2 for Xbox One in 2018, which is among the best-selling video games of all time. You can play it with Xbox Game Pass if you're a subscriber, while the aforementioned Xbox 360 titles can be played on Xbox One via backwards compatibility.

Did you buy Red Dead Redemption on the day of release for Xbox 360? Let us know below.