Placeholder Box Art Revealed For Xbox Series X Game Scarlet Nexus

We received our first look at what boxes for Xbox Series X Smart Delivery games might look like a couple of days ago following the release of placeholder art for Yakuza: Like a Dragon. Now, Amazon has also showcased the same style of placeholder art for upcoming RPG Scarlet Nexus (thanks Wario64).

As you can see from the images below, we've got two different types of boxes this time - one for the Xbox Series X & Xbox One Smart Delivery version, and a separate box for just the Xbox One version:

It's anyone's guess as to whether the two versions will actually be released separately, as both are priced at $59.99 for pre-order on Amazon. As a result, it's not worth looking too much into this for now, but either way, the Smart Delivery box design certainly lines up with the example we saw the other day.

What do you make of the Xbox Series X placeholder box art design? Let us know in the comments.

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