Xbox Classic Jade Empire Was Released 15 Years Ago Today

It's been fifteen long years since BioWare classic Jade Empire was first released for the original Xbox in North America, launching back on April 12, 2005. At the time, it was an Xbox exclusive (later ported to PC and Android), and is still one of the most beloved Xbox titles of its generation.

If you've never played it, Jade Empire is a martial arts focused RPG, inspired by Chinese mythology. It was the first game to be developed by BioWare since the highly-successful Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic two years earlier, and adopted many successful design choices from that game, while introducing plenty of its own.

Here's a peek at some classic screenshots:

If all of this has put you in the mood to play Jade Empire this weekend, you don't need to fetch your old Xbox out the attic! The game can be played on Xbox One via backwards compatibility (and even on Xbox 360 if you have a hard drive), and is also Xbox One X Enhanced.

Have you ever played Jade Empire? Let us know your favourite memories of the game in the comments.

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