Rumour: Xbox Series X And PS5 May Be Forced To Sell At A Loss

A new report by Bloomberg centred around first-year plans for the PS5 is currently doing the rounds, and has provided some interesting insight into Sony and Microsoft's next-gen preparations. The most notable titbit from an Xbox standpoint is that according to some analysts, Xbox Series X and PS5 could be sold at a loss.

The report mentions that, "according to people familiar with the matter," PlayStation is intending to limit its initial production run of the PS5, partly because of its ambitious specs weighing on demand and boosting its potential price. Allegedly, some game developers have suggested it could be sold at anywhere between $499 to $549.

However, certain analysts have also pointed out that the "close contest for attention" between Xbox Series X and PS5 could lead to both consoles being sold at a loss. Damian Thong at Macquarie Capital quoted $450 as a possible price point, despite both companies losing money at that figure.

Finally, the report also hints that PlayStation isn't expected to delay the release of the PS5 beyond the Holiday 2020 window, as long as Microsoft doesn't do the same with Xbox Series X. The challenges faced by the coronavirus pandemic are said to have not affected the PS5's production capacity, but have put a dent in Sony's promotional plans.

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