Image: @Minecraft

How do you create a follow-up to Minecraft when it's already seemingly limitless? According to its developer Mojang, you simply don't. While the Swedish company has listed various reasons in the past as to why it probably won't have a crack at a sequel, the same topic resurfaced during a recent interview with the team's creative director, Saxs Persson.

I cannot imagine there will ever be a Minecraft 2. We've done a lot of soul searching. Unequivocally, we're the Minecraft studio, and we've chosen to embrace that. But we have, over time, realized how flexible the envelope of Minecraft really is ... We've always been passionate about making more than a single game, but we never wanted to do a sequel.

The aim is to now explore other genres within the Minecraft universe ā€“ with the most obvious example in recent times being Minecraft Dungeons, a hack and slash dungeon crawler that draws inspiration from iconic series like Diablo.

We're much more interested in taking that spark of creativity and applying it to other genres within the universe of Minecraft.

At E3 2018, Head of Xbox Phil Spencer said Minecraft would continue to evolve ā€“ further explaining how players nowadays wanted to see games improved upon rather than replaced by sequels.

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[source gameinformer.com]