Film Star Shawn Ashmore Shares Memories Of Working On Quantum Break

Yesterday was the fourth anniversary of the release of Quantum Break for Xbox One - the sci-fi third-person shooter from Alan Wake and Control developer Remedy Entertainment. The company, including creative director Sam Lake, celebrated the anniversary on Twitter, as did the game's star Shawn Ashmore, who shared some of his favourite Quantum Break memorabilia including this very cool controller:

Ashmore, who rose to fame following his appearance in the X-Men movie franchise, played leading star Jack Joyce in Quantum Break, and talked about various memories throughout the day on Twitter, including shooting the live action commercial. He also chipped in with some thoughts on the process of making Quantum Break, and why he's such a big fan of the title and Remedy Entertainment as a developer:

Making Quantum Break was one of the most fulfilling and fun creative experiences I’ve ever had. Partly because working on a video game was a childhood dream come true but mostly because the whole Remedy Games team are the most dedicated story tellers I’ve met!

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