Xbox Series X
Image: Microsoft

The Xbox Series X pad is looking pretty nice, as you can see in this gallery. Microsoft has taken what was an already comfortable controller and improved it with a new D-Pad, share button and textured shoulder triggers.

However, one aspect which hasn't changed from the Xbox One controller is the need for AA batteries. That's right – out of the box, the pad will not ship with a rechargeable power pack. One will be available, but it looks like you'll have to purchase it separately.

USB-C connectivity takes over from the Micro-USB port seen on the Xbox One pad, which should help when it comes to using the controller for low-latency input on Project xCloud on smartphones and tablets. However, because the Series X console lacks a USB-C port, users will need a USB-C to USB-A cable to charge directly from the machine itself (we'd imagine that will be bundled with the rechargeable battery pack, but don't quote us on that).

So there you have it – the Series X might be the future of gaming as far as Microsoft is concerned, but it still relies on AA batteries to power its controller, something that its rival Sony abandoned back in the PS3 era.