World War Z Is Getting Xbox One And PS4 Crossplay In The Future

Here's the good news — World War Z crossplay between Xbox One and PC is live right now, and PS4 crossplay support is on the way. The bad news? We don't know exactly when PS4 support is coming, aside from that it'll be "some point in the future".

The official World War Z Twitter posted earlier today revealing the latest patch notes as well as the crossplay news. It's also been noted that players can also turn crossplay off if they so choose.

As mentioned above, there are a few additions in the latest update, such as a new mission, balancing tweaks for Horde Mode Z and five new weapon variants with unique perks. You can try them all out for yourself as part of Xbox Game Pass, which includes World War Z for console and Ultimate subscribers.

Are you excited by the addition of crossplay in World War Z? Let us know your thoughts on the game below.

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