Here's the good news: Ori and the Will of the Wisps has debuted to outstanding reviews. Currently, it has a score of 89% on Metacritic (for Xbox One) from 50 reviews, including the equivalent of four 10/10s. The downside is that many critics and fans have been noticing performance issues on all Xbox One consoles.

The strange thing is that the issues seem to be different for a lot of people. On the Xbox One Reddit, numerous people have complained that the game is running slowly, freezing up and even shutting their console off entirely, while others appear to be having very few issues at all.

Furthermore, Digital Foundry have provided a tech review for the game, showing off some of the aforementioned issues on their YouTube channel. Check out that video at the top of this page.

Interestingly, a user called BETA104 noted on Reddit that by transferring their game to an external SSD on Xbox One X, the frame rate issues went away. Obviously that's not a suitable solution for everyone, so we're hopeful Moon Studios will be able to bring out a patch for those affected in the near future.

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