The Xbox One F2P title Warframe has seen a new release of content in the form of the Echoes of the Sentient expansion and to celebrate, we're giving away a whole stack of codes. Thousands of 'em, in fact!

Echoes of the Sentient introduces a new Warframe by the name of Equinox, which has a switchable Day-form and Night-form, both of which offer different bonuses. It can also has a stack of other features, too.

The new update also overhauls player movement in the following ways...

Double Jump: Players can now use a second jump while in mid-air. Players will be able to jump again immediately after touching any surface or enemy.

Bullet Jump: Pressing the 'Jump' button after sliding will send the player into a mid-air dash, temporarily improving movement speed. Players can use a Bullet Jump as a double jump in any direction.

Wall Latch: Pressing the 'Right Mouse Button' button against a wall will allow players to latch onto flat surfaces for a limited duration. Players may fire their equipped Primary or Secondary weapon while using Wall Latch.

Wall Dash: Pressing the 'Jump' button while against any surface will allow players to hop along the surface in any direction. This can be used to scale vertical surfaces, and can be chained indefinitely.

Aim Gliding: Using the 'Aim' button while in mid-air will slow the player's fall speed, enabling a slow glide that players can fire their weapon in any direction from.

Ziplines: Pressing X while near a zipline will allow players to jump directly onto the zipline. Players can now run or dash along ziplines, and X to jump on a zipline can be done after a double jump.

As if THAT wasn't enough, there's also the ability to switch from on-foot to submersible Archwing mode, allowing you to explore the depths of the oceans. A new boss battle has been added (Tyl Regor) and a new Quest is available too. A new underwater Tileset is included, as well as new Conclave additions, new Weapons, new Customizations, new Kubrow items and a new Utility Mod Slot.

You can read about all of the changes in detail over at the official site, or check out the video below.

Code Giveaway

Pure Xbox is giving away HUNDREDS of 7-Day Booster codes to celebrate the release of Echoes of the Sentient.

Your code will award you a 7-day Resource Booster and 7-day Affinity Pack, and here is exactly what those bonuses do...

7 Day Resource Booster
The Resource Booster doubles the amount of resources earned from pickups. A Resource Booster becomes active immediately and expires after seven days of real time (as opposed to time played in the game).

Synergizes with the Resource Drop Chance Booster, as the resources are more likely to be dropped than usual, which simultaneously doubles such resources dropped on pickup. Only the player with the Resource Booster benefits from the increased drop amount, as the increase is performed upon picking up the resource.

7 Day Affinity Pack
Doubles the rate at which you earn affinity. Upgrade your weapons and Warframes faster. Affinity Boosters doubles the amount of affinity earned from pickups and mission rewards. An Affinity Booster becomes active immediately and expires after seven days of real time (as opposed to time played in the game).

Since Syndicate Standing is dependent upon a player's total Affinity in a mission, Affinity Boosters also increase Standing gain.

All you need to do to get a code - which will give you the 7-Day Resource Booster and 7-Day Affinity Pack - is follow us on Twitter, subscribe to our YouTube channel, or follow us on using the form below. Codes will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis so grab yours now!

Note, these are not codes that you redeem via your Xbox or and are for the Xbox One version of Warframe ONLY. When you get your code, redeem it at Make sure you're logged in to your Xbox One Warframe account on the site and then head to Enter the code, and you're all set!