During a recent Ustream event, the CEO of Experience In., Hajime Chikami, talked about two new titles that are in development by the company for Xbox One.

Chikami mentioned that while it's difficult to release Xbox One exclusives in Japan (presumably due to the low install base), releasing digitally worldwide via the Xbox Games Store is easy. Chikami confirmed that this means the two games they're developing are 100% definitely coming to the West with full English translations.

The first title is Stranger of Sword City, which was originally released for Xbox 360, PC, and PlayStation Vita. The Xbox One release is a new version complete with a whole new art style. Chikami said that after taking advice from some publishers the company has worked with before, they came up with some new designs for characters. You can see some of the changes below, with the original on the left and the new design on the right.

You will be able to use the original art style in-game, if you prefer. The game itself is a dungeon crawling RPG and the original picked up high praise from Japanese publication Famitsu, with its four reviewers giving it 8/9/8/7 for a total of 32/40.

Stranger of Sword City is set to launch between January and March 2016.

The second game Chikami announced is a little further off. Going by the working title of Students of Round 2, it will also be an RPG, although the company is still nailing down some of the final design decisions. They've mentioned that they're looking at making it a tactical RPG along the lines of Shining Force or Fire Emblem. The game is planned to launch between April 2016 and March 2017.

Both titles will be exclusive to Xbox One.

Thanks - as always - to lifelower for the information.

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