Harper Bard Giveaway Banner.jpg

To celebrate the release of the Neverwinter: Elemental Evil expansion pack, Perfect World have sent over a bunch of absolutely crazy and super rare companion codes for use in the game!

The Harper Bard is a super rare leader companion that you cannot earn or buy in game. You'll only be able to get one from winning a competition such as this one. We'll be giving away FIFTY of them over the next week at a rate of ten a day.

Come back to this page each day to enter the contest again if you didn't win on the previous day!

Harper Bard.png

The Harper Bard plays enchanted music that inspires and protects adventurers when their health dips below 50%. That's some good tuneage, right there.

There are multiple ways to enter the contest below - you can get up to five tickets in the draw - but note that we'll need an actual email address that you can access in order to be able to send you your prize. We won't spam you at all, we promise. We're taking email addresses literally to make delivering the prizes easier.

Good luck!