The Xbox One F2P title Warframe is kicking off a special event - the Infested Nightmares Bonus Weekend - right now and on top of all the good stuff players will get as a part of that, we've also got a STACK of codes to give away for more goodies.

The Infested Nightmares Bonus Weekend runs from August 14th at 2pm EDT (7pm BST) through to August 17th at 2pm EDT (7pm BST) and contains the following awesomeness.

Double Affinity

For the entirety of the weekend, you'll get Double Affinity during Missions, allowing you to rank up your Warframe and weapons.

50% Off Sale

A selection of items will be 50% off in the Market for the duration of the weekend.

High-Reward Alerts

Four Alerts will be available over the course of the weekend. Each alert runs from 2pm EDT for 24 hours.

  • August 13th - Ishtar (Venus): Survive or DIE - Reward: 10,000 Credits + Orokin Catalyst Blueprint
  • August 14th -Vallis (Mars): Survive or DIE - Reward: 10,000 Credits + Orokin Reactor Blueprint
  • August 15th - Proteus (Neptune): Survive or DIE - Reward: 20,000 Credits + Gorgon Wraith
  • August 16th - Thebe (Jupiter): Survive or DIE - Reward: 50,000 Credits + 25xR5 Fusion Cores

Code Giveaway

Pure Xbox is giving away HUNDREDS of Credit Booster codes to celebrate the Infested Nightmares Bonus Weekend.

All you need to do to get a code - which will give you double credits for 3 days - is follow us on Twitter, subscribe to our YouTube channel, or follow us on Twitch.tv using the form below. Codes will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis so grab yours now!

Note, these are not codes that you redeem via your Xbox or Xbox.com and are for the Xbox One version of Warframe ONLY. When you get your code, redeem it at Warframe.com. Make sure you're logged in to your Xbox One Warframe account on the site and then head to Warframe.com/promocode. Enter the code, and you're all set!