It looks like the much-ballyhooed remake of Final Fantasy VII that was shown off during Sony's E3 press conference will be coming to Xbox One after all, if the Australian arm of EB Games is to be believed.

They've listed Final Fantasy VII Remake as being available for preorder on Xbox One for the placeholder price of $109.95 AUD (£51 GBP, $81 USD) with an unconfirmed release date of 2016.


Not only that, but the retailer fielded a question or two about the game on its Facebook page, stating that the game is definitely coming to Xbox One. However, they also state that Square Enix have announced the game for both PS4 and Xbox One (which isn't something we were aware of) and that the PlayStation 4 version will have "early access."


They seem pretty confident that their information is on the money, although it was always on the cards that the game would eventually make the jump, as far as we're concerned. We'll bring you more information, as well as hard confirmation, just as soon as we have it.

[source ebgames.com.au]