Back in 2014, Activision released the so-so Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark for Xbox 360 and Xbox One and, since then, has been relatively quiet about the direction that the videogame versions of the franchise would be headed.

However, a source has revealed exclusively to Pure Xbox that the company is set to announce a cel-shaded brawler by the name of Transformers: Devastation at E3.

We've nabbed a handful of screenshots for you to check out but at the moment, all we know is that the game will definitely be coming to Xbox 360. We're going to assume that an Xbox One release is on the cards also and have reason to believe that it'll launch this year, but outside of the images themselves there's very little else to go on.

We'd imagine that we'll see more of Transformers: Devastation at E3, complete with release details. Note that at this time, there's absolutely no information as to who the developer of the game is. Is it outside of the realms of possibility that this is one of Platinum's secret projects? After all, they did just work with Activision on The Legend of Korra, which features some pretty similar-looking visuals, background-wise...

What do you think?

Do you think Transformers Devastation is developed by PlatinumGames?