Want a Dom-inant Gamerscore?

Achievements and Gamerscore are a big part of Xbox culture. Not only do we like to unlock the most brutally difficult achievements to showcase our skills to our friends and followers, but sometimes we just like to send our Gamerscore skyrocketing by any means necessary. The best way to do that is to make time for games that offer super easy achievements – games that don’t make it too challenging to reach 100% completion. That’s where Achievement Alert comes in. From here on out, we promise to inform you of any game that offers a big ol’ bump to your Gamerscore for minimal effort on your part. For the sake of bragging rights and Xbox Rewards benefits, Pure Xbox is here to help out.

The topic of this debut installment of Achievement Alert is Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast & Furious. If you weren’t already aware, this is a standalone downloadable game that’s currently free for Gold subscribers. Well, at least until April 10th it is. Then it will fetch an asking price of $9.99 – which is still reasonable for the amount of content it offers.

When it comes to achievements, the entire list of 26 can be completed in just a few hours for a full 1000 points. The best part is that a majority of the achievements unlock just by winning races that are a natural part of progression. There are a few that are based on skills and scoring, but they shouldn’t take too long to nab if you know what you’re doing. Worst case scenario is you’ll end up with roughly 800 points at the end of your three-hour session. It's hard to complain about that, right?

Here's a look at the official achievement list for the Xbox One version of the game:

10 Second Car (40G) — Acquired the Toyota Supra '98
2 Fast (30G) — Performed 5 "Speed" Skills
2 Furious (30G) — Performed 10 "Wreckage" Skills
9 Second Car (40G) — Acquired the Bugatti Veyron
900 Horses of Detroit Muscle (40G) — Acquired the Dodge Charger '70
A Quarter Mile at a Time (40G) — Acquired the Plymouth Cuda
An Inch or a Mile (30G) — Performed 25 "Near Miss" Skills
Burning Rubber (30G) — Performed 10 "Burnout" Skills
Chain Reaction (30G) — Banked a Skill Chain of 50,000 or more
Drift to Win (40G) — Acquired the Dodge Challenger '15
Fast 7,000 (30G) — Banked a Skill Chain of 7,000 or more
Fast and Furious (100G) — Got to Nice
First Draft (30G) — Performed 5 "Drafting" Skills
Fully Charged (40G) — Acquired the Dodge Charger '15
Got nothin' but time (40G) — Restored the Plymouth Roadrunner
High Flyer (30G) — Performed 5 "Air" Skills
How Long Was That Runway? (100G) — Completed the Cargo Plane Showcase
Just don't scratch it (40G) — Acquired the McLaren P1
Perks of the Job (40G) — Acquired the Maserati Ghibli
Scratch That (30G) — Performed 5 "Trading Paint" Skills
Selfie! (30G) — Took a photo of the 1970 Dodge Charger R/T
Tokyo Drift (30G) — Performed 20 "Drift" or "E-Drift" Skills
Too Soon Junior (30G) — Used all your Nitrous in the first half of a race
What do you drift for? (40G) — Acquired the Nissan GT-R
Winning's Winning (40G) — Acquired the Jeep Wrangler

Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast & Furious is out now on Xbox One and Xbox 360. Be sure to download it while it's free and round up those easy achievements.

Have you already unlocked all the achievements that Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast & Furious has to offer, or are you now planning to do so because of this article? Additionally, do you like the idea of Achievement Alert? Race down to the comments to let us know.