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Major League Baseball has confirmed that it will release a new entry in the RBI Baseball series this spring, for Xbox One.

RBI Baseball 15 will feature the Cubs' Anthony Rizzo as cover athlete (despite not really having a cover, given that it's digital-only) and will feature revolutionary things such as...statistic tracking.

It appears that the ability to track batting and pitching statistics in season mode was a big request from gamers after last year's release. Given that baseball is a very statistic-heavy sport, we're still astounded that it wasn't part of the game anyway, but there you go. The new release will feature redesigned ballparks for all 30 franchises, the ability to pick a 25-man roster and change your rotation, as well as online multiplayer in friendly and ranked games.

One of the main new features being touted is the ability to change the difficulty setting in single player mode this time around, too.

We're sure that MLB will once again forget that there are baseball fans anywhere else in the world (as it did last year with RBI Baseball 14) but it'll hit the North American Xbox Games Store for sure in the spring.