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Rumours are flying around that there's going to be a huge sale on Xbox Live this week, featuring both Xbox One and Xbox 360 titles.

We usually expect the Deals With Gold offers to go up on a Tuesday, but this rumoured sale will hit on Wednesday 18th, and run through to the 24th, if true. A page was set live on the Australian version of over the weekend, but has since been removed.

The offers are certainly nothing to be sniffed at, if true. As you can see from the screen capture to the right, there are discounts to be had on Alien: Isolation, Trials Fusion Deluxe and Watch_Dogs, all of which get 50% off. Even deeper discounts will apparently be available on Kinect Sports Rivals, Sniper Elite III, and Lords of the Fallen, which will all get 75% shaved from their price. Usually, waves upon waves of Xbox 360 titles get price cuts during these "Ultimate" game sale periods, too, and if recent sales have been anything to go on, we imagine there will be a fair few of them on offer this time around.

Whether or not these deals would be included alongside the usual list of Deals With Gold, or if they'd replace them altogether this week, we're not sure.

As always with rumours, it could go either way. We should know more about the situation soon, and as always, we'll bring you confirmation of all deals as and when they happen.

UPDATE: The Ultimate Game Sale is definitely on the way! Microsoft have confirmed that it'll be up and running on the 18th.