Tomb Raider

Back at Gamescom 2014, Microsoft confirmed that the next game in the Tomb Raider series, Rise of the Tomb Raider, would be coming to Xbox One and Xbox 360, and that the game would be a timed exclusive on those platforms.

Now, though, it appears that there's more to the deal than meets the eye. Aaron Greenberg, Head of Marketing for Xbox, has sent a couple of tweets this week that suggest that the game is indeed fully exclusive to Xbox platforms. It all comes in the wake of last week's Street Fighter V announcement, when it was confirmed that the game would be exclusive to PlayStation 4. Since then, Microsoft have been dropping hints about a number of projects.

In response to a tweet asking for a new Banjo-Kazooie or Conker game, Phil Spencer replied to state that he's working on "making amends" for Street Fighter V.


But yesterday, Greenberg stated that absolutely and unequivocally, Microsoft are the company that will be publishing Rise of the Tomb Raider.


Whether or not this means that the game is now fully exclusive to Xbox One and Xbox 360 (and we assume a PC release is on the cards too), we don't know. But it sure looks likely. It would be a pretty convoluted deal for Square Enix to publish a PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 3 version of the game while Microsoft do the honours on other systems. We can pretty much lock this in as an Xbox exclusive, at least until the wind changes direction and everyone decides to backtrack, anyway.