The adapter in all its glory.

Microsoft has released a new adapter which will allow you to take the Kinect sensor that came with your Xbox One, and connect it to your PC and tablets that are running Windows 8 or Windows 8.1.

A few months ago, they released Kinect v2 for Windows at four times the price of the $50 adapter, and the functionality is reportedly identical.

On top of this, a new version of the Kinect SDK for developers - version 2.0 - has been released, and Microsoft is allowing third-party developers to release Kinect apps to the Windows Store for the very first time. This should mean that more Kinect-enabled apps and games become available in due course, some of which could make the jump to Xbox One. The new SDK includes improvements to Visual Gesture Builder, Kinect Studio, and Kinect Fusion, as well as bugfixes and stability improvements.

Microsoft's Alex Kipman said: "We are delighted to enable you to bring more personal computing experiences that feature gesture control, body tracking, and object recognition to Windows customers around the world."