A mere few days ago we were treated to the latest endeavour by Bungie Studios. We were provided with our Destiny. Many of us likely went tumbling in with friends head over heels, not knowing what exactly was in store. The game is more difficult than what we experienced in Beta play, where an unfortunate level cap of 8 was implemented, denying us all the sweet level 10 armour and weapons that became abundant within the last few missions. Now, the full version has arrived, and wouldn't it be great if we knew exactly where the level cap is? Yes, it would, so let's get down to examination of this mysterious topic!

Up, up and... away with the level cap!

As we already know, two expansions for Destiny are available to pre-purchase alongside the Digital Guardian Edition. These packs will undoubtedly come with increases to the level cap, but what is the actual level cap?

Currently, players will reach a “soft cap” at level 20. Beyond this point experience will no longer be attributed to the overall player level, yet it seems this cap can be cleverly bypassed! By equipping armour with the “Light” attribute, players who've reached the 20 barrier can begin to collect light points, based on the amount of gear holding this stat, from downed enemies in most areas of play .These drops will allow players to level up beyond the cap. At the time of writing this article we see level 29 Guardians as the actual high point, yet progress beyond this can't be ruled out as of yet.

Have you reached Destiny's “soft cap” yet? What level have you obtained using these advanced techniques? We'd love to know! In the comments, below.