Know how we know you're good at watching TV and movies?

As something that has been goofed about for quite some time now, we're 100% serious when we tell you that achievements can be earned on the Xbox One without utlra-comboing, commanding a vehicle, or crippling hordes of zombies.

For those of you as reliant as we are on streaming media via Netflix, you may be happy to learn that you can rack up achievements by "rating titles, binging on a series or watching frequently." However, this might not work exactly as you may have expected it to. While achievements will be unlocked by watching, they won't be adding to that ever-growing Gamerscore. That's a bit of a bummer, yes, but it's still kinda fun to incorporate a system of progression and have a way to track how much time you've been logging on Netflix.

Here is a list of the available achievements:

  • Just One More Episode (Watch 5 Episodes in a Row)
  • Triple Play (Watch 3 Episodes)
  • Newbie Reviewer (Rate 5 titles)
  • Big City Critic (Rate 25 titles)
  • Rampaging Reviewer (Rate 100 titles)
  • The Ultimate Opinion (Rate 250 titles)
  • Can't Get Enough of This Show! (Watch 10 episodes in a Row)
  • One Week Wonder (Use Netflix for 7 days in a row)
  • Two Wild Weeks (Use Netflix for 14 days in a row)
  • One Month Marathon (Use Netflix for 30 days in a row)

Any of you happy Xbox One owners unlocked these achievements yet? Also, how are you enjoying that next-gen Netflix app? Stream your impressions to the comments below.