Guess what, Twitter? This isn't the official final cover, either.

We're as surprised as you about this one, but one of the current "trending" topics in the UK on Twitter is "FIFA for £90."

Our spidey-sense was tingling, so we looked into it further to find that Amazon UK has put a placeholder price on FIFA 14 for Xbox One of a rather unbelievable £89.99. This comes after the news that the company has also priced up the console at a jaw-dropping £599.99.

Versions of FIFA 14 for other platforms have been given the placeholder price of between £40.00 for the standard edition, and £59.99 for the "Ultimate Edition" version of the game.

Given that there are literally hundreds of people posting on Twitter about the game costing £90, and how that's going to stop them buying an Xbox One or the Xbox One version of the game, we thought we'd set the record straight. As Amazon clearly states, no prices have been confirmed as yet for Xbox One products, and the price they've put up is a placeholder. As we are clearly stating, there is no way in a million years, that Xbox One games will cost £89.99 each.

We do have to wonder how many of these people it would take to change a lightbulb.

We realise that Amazon have to protect themselves against losing money when it comes to taking preorders on items that have yet to have been priced, but surely this is getting to the point of harming the industry now? There are now a few thousand people out there that don't know how preorders work, and who have neglected to read Amazon's caveats. There are a few thousand more, who are reading the tweets of their friends, and taking the information as fact. They now truly believe that the Xbox One will cost £599, and that FIFA 14 will cost £90. This misinformation will help to shape their purchasing decisions and not only that, cause them to go out and tell anyone who'll listen that this is how much things will cost in the next generation.

I guess all we can do is write articles like this that debunk the myths and inform the masses, and ask you to share them around so that as many people get the right information as possible.

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