All this at the swipe of a finger.

Microsoft and Turn 10 have released the official SmartGlass app for Forza Horizon today.

Dubbed the "Forza Horizon SmartGlass Experience", the app comes as a free download for Windows 8 PCs and provides gamers with a tablet-based interactive map of the game's take on Colorado. Players can view the entire map and zoom in using pinch gestures, and set waypoints by tapping the screen. Once you've set your target in the app, Forza Horizon's in-game GPS will pick it up and direct you to the location.

The destructable "Upgrade" signs are shown on your SmartGlass map also, meaning that finding them becomes a little easier.

As it stands, this is only available for Windows 8 via the operating system's app store, but Microsoft confirms that it will be released for other platforms (although there's no mention of which ones) soon.