Imagine one of these on top of your TV

Xbox 360 has been around for six years now, and although regular Dashboard updates and the introduction of Kinect have kept things fresh, eyes are starting to turn towards the next machine in the Xbox line. The latest rumours, from technical wizards Digital Foundry (via Eurogamer), claim that the new machine will come in two distinctly different set-ups, both of which will come with Kinect.

One machine would be a "set top box"-like affair, designed to work with Kinect as a motion gaming portal, and would certainly represent Microsoft's biggest effort yet to embrace the family and motion market. It would apparently lack an optical disk drive, backwards compatibility and hard disk drive, so would almost certainly be a streaming gaming platform akin to OnLive and Gaikai.

The second available machine would include these features and would go after the hardcore player.

Digital Foundry claims both consoles would be bundled with Kinect, which makes us wonder if the recently upgraded Kinect for Windows hardware would form part of the machine.

It also seems unlikely Microsoft would force Kinect on the hardcore player, no matter its intentions — even if Kinect support were mandatory for all games on the next Xbox, we've learnt by now that tacked-on Kinect features rarely win marks.

What do you make of this latest round of rumours?