When you feel powerless...

When Microsoft launched Kinect in November 2010, it faced a problem: how to get the sensor to draw power from older Xbox 360 consoles, as well as the newer S models. The simple solution was to bundle a USB to mains adaptor, but that still requires a separate plug socket. UK retailer GamingZap has just launched a way around it: the PowerLess Kinect Adapter.

The add-on sits between your Xbox 360 power input and the power cable, rather like accessories such as cooling fans, and provides Kinect with all the juice it needs.

It certainly seems a clever solution, and we can't foresee any issues arising from its use, so if you're short on plug sockets it might be worth a look.

It's available across the UK now for £18.95 from GamingZap.

GamingZap launch UK's first plug-free Kinect power supply

The Xbox Kinect is rejuvenating the console business by creating fresh and exciting entertainment through changing the way in which we interact with games. However, if you do not own the new Xbox Slim console then you will need to buy an Xbox Kinect Adapter in order make it compatible with your 'original' console.

The problem with virtually all Kinect Adapters is that they require an external Kinect Power Supply in order to power the Kinect. This can obviously be a major drawback as in most households power sockets are usually in short supply, and requiring another just to power the Kinect can at times be wasted space, requiring frequent switching.

However, the PowerLess Kinect Adapter is the only Kinect Adapter available which requires no external power supply. Utilising 'power through' technology, the PowerLess Kinect Adapter plugs easily into your console power port and 'piggybacks' off the power cable inserted into itself. This allows the adapter to power the Kinect without any need for Kinect Power Supplies and in doing so saves you valuable power socket space and time!

A must for any Xbox 360 owner, the PowerLess Kinect Adapter is available to order now for just £18.95

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