Feeling fruity? You soon will be

We love Fruit Ninja Kinect here at Kinectaku — that much should be obvious from our exhaustive Fruit Ninja Kinect preview. Thankfully, the rest of you will be lucky enough to experience this amazing title on the 10th of August, because it's being launched as part of Microsoft's Summer of Arcade 2011.

The Big M has just confirmed the release date, along with that all-important price: 800 MS Points. The more cynical amongst you may point out that even at 800 Points, Fruit Ninja Kinect is many, many times more expensive than the iPhone and Android versions, but we're having too much fun waving our arms around in an attempt to chop bananas to notice such negativity.

The other titles in the Summer of Arcade promotion are Bastion, From Dust, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet and Planet Toy Soldiers: Cold War. If you purchase all five games, you get a free download of Crimson Alliance — which is jolly nice.