Xbox Adds More Perks For Game Pass Ultimate Members (October 2022)

The Xbox Game Pass Perks program is back once again for October 2022, and as we approach the end of the month, we've still got a few more additions joining the lineup, including for the likes of Fallout 76 and Rogue Company!

We'll keep updating this guide as necessary with more Xbox Game Pass Perks.

So, here are some Xbox Game Pass Perks to keep looking out for in October 2022:

  • Apex Legends: From Above Weapon Charm (October 11)

Get hyped for your next game of Apex Legends with the From Above Weapon Charm.

  • Assassin's Creed Odyssey: Kronos Pack (October 6)

Time is of the essence when you put yourself at the service of Kronos. This pack contains a gear set, a mount and a spear.

  • Dead Space: Add-On Bundle (October 15)

Customise your Dead Space gameplay experience with the Add-On Bundle. This bundle contains some previously released DLC to help you better survive the horrors that await Isaac Clarke.

  • Eville: Housewarming Bundle (October 11)

Wear constellation Acora outfits and items, be a sneaky Little Acora, display a trophy in your home, or run amok as the infamous Mr. Peterson and accessories.

  • Fallout 76: 1 Month Of Free Fallout 1st (October 4)

Fallout 1st is a premium membership that enhances the Fallout 76 experience. Members receive access to Private Adventure, Custom Worlds, utility and cosmetic items, 1650 Atoms per month, and more.

  • Fallout 76: 25th Anniversary Bundle (October 27)

Celebrate 25 years of the Nuka-Cola, Deathclaws & the Wasteland with the Fallout 25th Anniversary Bundle for Fallout 76. Includes a weapon skin, C.A.M.P. items, lunchboxes and bubblegum (joke included)! Plus, you can claim this perk on PC and console!

  • Halo Infinite: SPNKR Bundle (October 18)

It's time to refresh your armory, Spartans! With Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks you're set and ready to get monthly Halo Infinite multiplayer bonuses, including this month's Pass Tense coating for your M41 SPNKr.

  • Need For Speed Heat: Deluxe Edition Upgrade (October 11)

Hustle by day and risk it all at night in Need for Speed Heat, a thrilling race experience that pits you against a city’s rogue police force as you battle your way into street racing’s elite.

  • Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis: October Pack (October 1)

Jump into the all new PSO2 New Genesis with some items to give you a hand! N-Half Scape Dolls (x5) to help revive you during intense battles, and Photon Chunks (x50) to strengthen weapons and units.

  • Rogue Company: Ecto Lime Saint Perk Pack (October 21)

Are you ready to go Rogue? The Ecto Lime Saint Perk Pack features an Xbox exclusive outfit for Saint and 20K Battle Pass XP!

  • Secret Neighbor: Sportswear Bundle (October 27)

Spice up your looks with the new Sportswear bundle, featuring a new Neighbor Tennis Cosmetic set and Leader Basketball Cosmetic set. With this bundle you also get a Roll of Arcade Coupons to spend in the in-game shop and the new “X” emote to show your friends what’ your favorite gaming platform! Jump in game and show-off!

  • Spiral Movie Rental (October 11) (US Only?)

Enjoy a good scare just in time for Halloween. In this terrifying new chapter from the book of SAW, a criminal mastermind unleashes a twisted form of justice. Starring Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jackson.

All of these can be claimed on Xbox consoles or the Xbox app for Windows 10, and don't forget that many of September 2022's Xbox Game Pass Perks such as the Deathloop Dressed to Kill Bundle, Dead By Daylight Outfits Bundle and much more are still available to claim right now!

Interested in any of these? Let us know what you'll be redeeming in the comments below.

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