Xbox Adds More Perks For Game Pass Ultimate Members (January 2023)
Image: The Elder Scrolls Online - Dragon Slayer Bundle #1

The Xbox Game Pass Perks program is back once again for January 2023, and as the month has worn on we've been treated to a pretty sizable batch of Perks, including for the likes of Dead Space, Skate 3 and Fallout 76!

Here are the Xbox Game Pass Perks you can claim in January 2023:

"Get hyped for your next game of Apex Legends with the Arc of Gold Weapon Charm, available with your EA Play membership from 17 January - 13 February, 2023."

"Special Gift Bundle includes the following items: Energy Tonic (L) x11, [Event] Extra Life EXP Scroll (50%) x5, Elion's Tear x5, [Event] Enhancement Help Kit I x1, and Item Collection Increase Scroll x5."

"Ride the wrathful Helkjan Cliffs dragon with its Laegan armour, and soar through the skies with a 3-Day XP Booster and Player Icon."

"Customise your Dead Space gameplay experience with the Upgrade Bundle. This bundle contains some previously released DLC to help you better survive the horrors that await Isaac Clarke."

"Give your C.A.M.P. a modern look with the Modern Living Bundle. This bundle includes the Modern Home Rug, Modern Home Wallpaper, Repair Kits and Carry Weight Boosters."

"ALL the Force Grey packs including a Golden Epic Equipment Card for each of the five Champions: Calliope, Hitch, Tyril, Jamilah and Arkhan! Plus 25 Gold Chests too!

"Jump into the all new Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis with some items to give you a hand! N-Half Scape Dolls (x6) to help revive you during intense battles, and Photon Chunks (x50) to strengthen weapons and units."

"Unlock more for your Skate 3 experience from 17 January - 14 February, 2023, courtesy of EA Play. The Bundle includes the Danny's Hawaiian Dream, San Van Party Pack and the Time is Money pack."

  • Smite - Magic: The Gathering Pack

"Jump in with the Magic: The Gathering Starter Pack, free for all Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. This pack unlocks the Event Gods and their Voice Packs!

"Strike fear into the hearts of Tamriel's most dangerous predators with the Ancient Dragon Hunter collection."

  • Vigor - Norwegian Woodchuck Pack

"Put your axe down and take up your weapons! Chopping down your enemies will be as easy and satisfying as splitting a log in half!"

"We've created an Anniversary Bundle that includes IshiZuchi, a Japanese Tier IV battleship and a set of sweet bonuses. The base game World of Warships is included with this Perk."

All of these can be claimed on Xbox consoles or the Xbox app for Windows 10, and don't forget that many of December 2022's Xbox Game Pass Perks such as the Calm Premium 3-month trial, Discord Nitro 3-month trial and much more are still available to claim right now!

Interested in any of these Perks? Let us know what you'll be trying in the comments below.

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