Microsoft Rewards: How To Complete June's 'Top 10' Xbox Punch Card 2

The monthly Microsoft Rewards refresh has arrived for June 2022, and alongside the Monthly Bonus Round punch card, we've also got a Top 10 Xbox Punch Card for 500 points - in fact, the two are closely linked together.

So, how do you complete it? Firstly, activate the punch card on the Microsoft Rewards app, and then you'll need to get one achievement in any of the games listed in the image above before June 30th, 2022.

Here are some easy achievements for the Microsoft Rewards Top 10 "Game Pass Favorites" punch card:

Once you've completed the punch card, don't forget to go back to it to make sure you've claimed your 500 points, and then head over to the June 2022 Monthly Bonus Round punch card so you can tick off Task #4 on the list.

Note: Not available in all regions. Full regional details have not been provided by Microsoft.

Found any other easy ways to complete this June 2022 Microsoft Rewards punch card? Tell us in the comments.