Microsoft Rewards: Earn 500 Easy Points With The New 'Anime' Xbox Punch Card

It's time for the latest Microsoft Rewards bonus punch card on Xbox! A new challenge has just gone live, and this time it centres around anime titles. This particular punch card is one of the easiest ones in recent memory!

First up, you need to head to the Rewards app and activate the 'Top 10: Anime Edition' punch card. After that, you need to earn one achievement from the displayed selection of games. However, if you're a Game Pass subscriber, there's a really easy option in here.

Head to the store and install Record Of Lodoss War - Deedlit In Wonder Labyrinth. The game is roughly 400mb in size, so it'll be a quick and easy download. From there, you simply have to load up the title, press start game, skip through a few dialogue options and voila, an achievement is earned!

Xbox Rewards

That's it! Pop back to the Rewards app and the punch card will be completed, and 500 points granted. It's live for three weeks, until March 1st, so there's no immediate rush on this one. February's bonus month reward, that grants 2000 points, is live for another week through February 15th.

Are you saving up your reward points for anything in particular? Let us know below!