How To Pre-Install Far Cry 5 With Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft dropped a great surprise on us earlier this week by announcing that Ubisoft's Far Cry 5 would be coming to Xbox Game Pass on Friday, July 1st, and you can get ready for it right now by pre-installing the game ahead of time.

As is often the case, this requires you to use the official Xbox app on mobile (not the Game Pass app) to search for the game page manually, and then hit the "download to console" button to install the game.

Here's how to pre-install Far Cry 5 with Xbox Game Pass:

  1. Load up the official 'Xbox' app on Android or iOS (not the Game Pass app)
  2. Hit the search icon at the bottom of the app
  3. Tap 'Games' and search for 'Far Cry', then scroll down until you find FC5
  4. On the game page, hit 'Download to Console'

It's definitely worth doing this ahead of July 1st if you haven't got the fastest download speeds, as Far Cry 5 is just under 50GB in total. Get it pre-loaded now, and you'll be ready to go the moment it hits Xbox Game Pass next Friday!

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