How To Clear The Cache On Xbox One, Xbox Series X And Xbox Series S
Image: Microsoft

While the Xbox is a fantastic bit of a kit, it's not without its problems. Just like any other piece of hardware, it can be prone to getting clogged up with data, which unfortunately can slow down your console dramatically.

If you're experiencing any of these issues, then don't worry, there are some solutions to rectify any problems you may be running into. It's always worth doing this every few months just to keep your console clear of unwanted background data.

Here are the various methods to clearing your cache on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. All of which follow the same procedure.

How To Clear The Cache On Xbox One, Xbox Series X And Xbox Series S

Method One

This is the most widely known strategy for clearing your cache and is a relatively simple process. As long as you follow each step, you should be okay.

  • Step One: Hold the power button down until the system is fully switched off.
  • Step Two: Once powered down, unplug the console for at least two minutes.
  • Step Three: After a few minutes have passed, plug everything back in.
  • Step Four: Switch on the console and everything should be good to go.

Method Two

If you're still experiencing any problems with your console, such as slow down or lagging, then there's also this method that works to clear up some space.

  • Step One: Press the Guide button on your controller.
  • Step Two: Switch over to the profile tab and select "Settings".
  • Step Three: Select "Devices and Connections".
  • Step Four: Select "Blu-Ray".
  • Step Five: Select "Persistent Storage".
  • Step Six: Once here, click "Clear Persistent Storage".

After these solutions, your console should be a lot smoother, faster, and more in tune with when you first picked it up. As previously mentioned, it's worth doing this every once in a while to clear up space.

Has clearing the cache helped speed up your console? Drop us a comment and let us know.