The Halo Infinite Winter Contingency Event is now officially live until January 4th, and all you need to do to unlock the free rewards and complete the event challenges is play one game of Arena or Big Team Battle per-day.

The ten tiers of daily rewards will conclude on December 30th, allowing you a few extra days to catch up if you're not able to play a game on Christmas Day, for example. They include the stylish ‘Peppermint Laughter’ coatings as seen in the key art for the event, as well as new shoulder pieces, emblems, and more.

"Rewards will be unlocked over time, meaning they will not all be available to grab on day one. Think of Winter Contingency like your in-game Halo advent calendar: you’ll unlock one reward each day, with the event running through the morning of January 4, 2022."

Original story: Ready for another free Halo Infinite multiplayer event? With Fracture: Tenrai not set to return until early January, Halo Infinite is running a Winter Contingency event until January 4th, with various types of rewards on offer.

At the time of writing, 343 Industries has yet to reveal any specifics about these rewards, aside from the following:

"Play a game each day to unlock free rewards. These include armor pieces, an armor attachment, Holiday-themed coatings for your Spartan and weapons, along with a free nameplate, emblems, and a special backdrop."

The event will run from December 21st to January 4th, and we're expecting it to go live around 1pm EST / 6pm BST. We'll update you with more details about it once we have them, but for now, here's a sneak peek:

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