Halo Infinite Multiplayer - How To Get The Nerf MA40 Assault Rifle
Image: Pure Xbox

You've seen people running around the battlefield in Halo Infinite multiplayer with a Nerf-themed MA40 assault rifle and want to know how to get it - then read on!

How to get the Nerf skin for your MA40 in Halo Infinite

  • The catch is you'll need to actually buy a real-life toy version of the Nerf MA40 - available in all good toy stores. It comes with an exclusive digital code that allows you to then redeem this special in-game add-on in Halo Infinite's multiplayer.

Purchasing this toy in real life is the only way to get this skin in Halo Infinite. Here's a look at the toy and the in-game version:

"Whether you’re a kid or just a kid at heart, there are few things more fun than blasting your best friend with a Nerf dart. Now you can give your battles a little Halo flavor with then new MA40 and Mangler, both inspired by the weapons in Halo Infinite. The MA40 comes with a 10-dart clip and motorized blaster, while the Mangler boasts a 6-dart drum. Both toys also come with exclusive digital codes which will allow you to get a special in-game add on to use."

Halo Infinite's Nerf Assault Rifle in real life
And here it is in-game...
Image: Pure Xbox

You can also obtain Halo Infinite game code (to unlock a digital in-game asset) if you purchase the Nerf versions of the Mangler and the Bulldog SG. The Bulldog SG Nerf will also unlock an in-game skin.

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