Earning Credits Fast In Forza Motorsport

It's going to take quite a while to accumulate a full garage in Forza Motorsport, but if you're working your way through the career mode, there are a few ways to maximise your credits earned and make quicker progress.

Earning Quick Credits In Forza Motorsport

Difficulty Settings

First off, if you're an experienced Forza or racing game player we'd recommend cranking the drivatar difficulty up a fair bit. We settled at around 4 or 5 on the scale (out of 8) and would still win most races.

It's also worth tweaking the driving assists to your liking. Changing from 'full' to a 'braking only' driving line, or disabling some of the heavier driving assists, is definitely worth looking at.

Both of these changes will increase your credits earn rate, and help you get new cars faster.

Choosing Your Place On The Grid

As you play through career mode, you'll notice that the main races allow you to choose where to start on the racing grid.

If you have your difficulty settings tweaked to your liking, it's also worth trying to move further down the pack and starting near the back. Things tend to be pretty chaotic off the mark anyway, so, we've found it fairly easy to blast back into the middle of the pack right from the off!

The further back you start, the more credits you earn per race - making the career mode a more fruitful time for you in Forza Motorsport.