The day has arrived! Xbox is officially celebrating its 20th anniversary today, with the original console having originally debuted on November 15th, 2001. It's been a rollercoaster of a 20 years, with far more ups than downs over the past two decades, and the brand is arguably in its strongest ever position right now with Phil Spencer at the helm.

Everyone's got a story to tell about each generation of Xbox. The original console gave birth to the likes of Halo (which is also celebrating its 20th anniversary today) along with Xbox Live, the Xbox 360 introduced dashboards and parties while also delivering a killer slate of games, the Xbox One gave us backwards compatibility and Xbox Game Pass, and the Xbox Series X and Series S are shaping up to provide another highly memorable generation ahead.

Taking this into account, we're interested to know what some of your favourite Xbox memories are from across the past two decades. Whether you were there from day one or you only recently got on the bandwagon, we're sure you have a few stories to share about your favourite games, multiplayer experiences or anything else that comes to mind.

Let us know your favourite memories (and your first Xbox console!) down in the comments below.

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