Talking Point: Xbox Series S Owners, How's Your Storage Looking?

Without a doubt, we've been very happy with the Xbox Series S since it launched back in 2020, but if there's one thing we could pinpoint that we're not so keen on, it's the low internal storage out of the box, clocking in at just 512GB.

If we're talking usable storage, it's actually a lot lower than that, sitting at under 400GB out of the box, which in some cases is only enough to hold around five or six games. Obviously, it all depends on what you're playing.

A game like Call of Duty: Warzone is known for having a gigantic file size, and even first-party titles like Halo: The Master Chief Collection will prove demanding on your storage space. Of course, the benefit of Xbox Cloud Gaming means you don't necessarily need to keep everything installed at once, but it requires a decent internet connection.

You've got some options when it comes to external storage at least. You can plug any old USB HDD or SSD into your Xbox Series S to add extra space, but the downside is you can only play Xbox One or older titles off of these — to play an "Optimised for Series S" game, it has to be installed on either the internal drive or a Seagate storage card.

And the Seagate cards are still quite expensive for the moment. The cheapest 512GB variant will set you back $139.99 USD at retail, which definitely isn't cheap, but might prove very extremely useful in the long run for your storage space.

So, with all that in mind, we're interested to know how well you're managing your storage space on Xbox Series S in 2022, and whether you've found the low internal space to be a hinderance as of yet. Let us know!

How's your Xbox Series S storage looking in 2022? Tell us down in the comments below.

How Do You Feel About The Low Storage In The Series S?