Talking Point: Which Xbox Games Have Left You Most Pleasantly Surprised?

With so many games to play across Xbox Game Pass, EA Play, Ubisoft Plus and the Xbox Store at large, it feels like now more than ever, it's impossible to keep up with absolutely everything. Inevitably, a lot of stuff gets added to the backlog.

When we finally get around to those titles, sometimes they're a disappointment, sometimes they're just fine but unable to hold our attention, and then in some special cases, they end up impressing us more than we'd anticipated.

I can tell you a couple of mine. Arcade Paradise (the game in the picture above) is a notable example, as the idea of running an arcade while managing a laundry business didn't sound that enticing to me at first, but now it's one of my favourite indies on Xbox Game Pass. Also, as someone who wasn't really interested in the Yakuza / Like a Dragon series previously, I discovered the absolute joys of Judgment thanks to Xbox Free Play Days a couple of years ago.

This is one of those Talking Point topics where we expect most people will have varied answers to share, so we'd love to hear what comes to mind for you personally when we bring this up. Any major AAA hits that you glossed over for whatever reason? How about some lesser-known indies? Let us know down in the comments section below.

Which Xbox games have left you most pleasantly surprised? We'd love to hear from you!