xbox tomb raider

Time just goes by too fast doesn't it? My word, it's been a whole decade since developer Crystal Dynamics rebooted the Tomb Raider franchise, ushering gaming icon Lara Croft into a whole new era on March 5th, 2013.

Since then, two solid sequels have cemented the reboot trilogy as a brilliant piece of the Tomb Raider puzzle in our book - three great games that successfully modernised the series and made it feel relevant again.

The revamp wasn't without its downsides though, admittedly. Sometimes the newer Tomb Raider games got a bit heavy handed with combat — especially Rise of The Tomb Raider — and we definitely liked it when each game slowed things down a little bit. Shadow of the Tomb Raider introduced a bit more exploration in any case; a side of the series we'd like to see explored further in future.

With Square Enix now shedding itself of the Tomb Raider IP, we're left unsure on what's next for the franchise. We know that the reboot team is continuing with the series though, so, where would you like to see Tomb Raider go next under the guidance of Crystal Dynamics?

If there's one thing we'd love for the team to bring forward from the older games in the series, it's that sense of being isolated in a foreign place while scouted for treasures. One aspect of the original Tomb Raider titles that we reckon goes underappreciated is the sheer atmosphere they delivered - more creepy tomb raiding and less shooting, please!

But, where do you want Tomb Raider to go next? Do you have a specific location in mind, or maybe a certain core idea you'd like to see Crystal Dynamics explore?

Leave your wishes and suggestions down below!