It's finally that time of year where the lucky ones among us get a little bit of extra relaxation time! Yes, of course, we're talking about the holiday season where we all claim we're going to catch up on a bunch of games we've thrown on the backburner over the last year or so.

In all seriousness though, this time of year is usually a good time to go back and play some games you might have missed. The new releases are drying up, and we all tend to try and tackle the ever-growing backlog come the end of December - even if it isn't always a successful endeavour!

2022 has been a quiet year in gaming generally speaking, especially when you look at the AAA slate. That gives us all the opportunity to go back even further and try out some stuff we might have missed from last year. For me specifically, I'm going to go back and give Resident Evil Village a whirl over the festive period - that Gold Edition release has tempted me to finally pick it up! There's a big Xbox Game Pass backlog to get through as well!

Of course, new re-releases like The Witcher 3 Next-Gen don't help our backlogs either. CD Projekt Red's huge open world RPG is now fully optimised for Xbox Series X and Series S, and it's a game we could easily sink hours and hours into over the coming weeks. We'll try and hold off on that one, honest!

But, what about you? Will you be tackling The Witcher 3 once again over the festive break, sticking with High On Life on Xbox Game Pass, or do you have another recent release in mind that you might tuck into?

Come tell us down in the comments below!