Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weekend? (January 22-23)

Welcome to the weekend! Well, it's been an incredibly busy week in the world of Xbox, and there's plenty of new stuff to check out over the next couple of days, including a massive batch of Xbox Game Pass titles. Don't forget about the huge backwards compatible sale either, and Free Play Days is also live for Gold members as usual.

Here's what we're checking out this weekend:

Fraser Gilbert, News Editor

Just when I thought I had a nice list of games I'd be sticking to over the next few weeks, Xbox goes and adds the likes of Hitman Trilogy and Death's Door to the pile on Xbox Game Pass. Yes, I'm going to be sinking time into both of these over the next couple of days — I'm particularly excited about the latter, which I've yet to try.

Elsewhere, I'm probably going to be devoting any spare time to Hades (I'm making progress, but still got a fair way to go), trying out a bit of multiplayer action in Windjammers 2, and continuing my season in LMA Manager 2007, which I recently bought for Xbox 360. Fortunately, it's still as good (and infuriating at times) as I remember!

Have a good weekend, everyone.

Ben Kerry, Staff Writer

A few years after it launched, I've finally decided to go back and start my Claire run of Resident Evil 2 Remake. After being lukewarm on Resi for years, this remake got me in on the series, and it's been a joy to explore the R.P.D once again. I tell you what though, Mr. X isn't any less imposing on a second playthrough, so I'll have to deal with him.

I'm also going to spend some time on Burnout Revenge because it's on sale this week and... it's Burnout Revenge!

Have a good weekend!

What Xbox games are you playing this weekend? Let us know down in the comments below.