Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weekend? (February 11-12)

Welcome to the weekend! If you're looking to keep busy on Xbox over the next few days, don't forget we've got the launch of Hogwarts Legacy along with various other games, the arrival of multiple new Xbox Game Pass titles, three Free Play Days offerings that you can enjoy through Sunday night, and lots of new deals on the Xbox Store as usual.

Here's what we're playing this weekend:

Fraser Gilbert, Editor

I'm still playing through Hogwarts Legacy following the review here at Pure Xbox earlier this week, but I'm also planning to jump back into the outstanding Hi-Fi RUSH this weekend, which I still haven't finished on Xbox Game Pass.

Elsewhere, I've also downloaded Hot Wheels Unleashed on Game Pass, and I'm very eager to finally try it out! I've heard good things and bad things, so it'll be interesting to see what side of the fence I fall on...

Have a good weekend, folks!

Ben Kerry, Staff Writer

I've gone all retro this past week (at least when it comes to team green) by replaying The Simpsons: Hit and Run on the Original Xbox! This game is an absolutely classic and funnily enough, it's 20 years old this year! Could we see a remaster one day? I'm doubtful, but man, it deserves one, and I'll be continuing my current run over the weekend.

When it comes to more modern titles, I have a few floating around I should get back to. High On Life is a game that keeps calling to me after only playing the first few hours at launch, so that's a potential option. Let's be honest though, I'll probably end up just playing Halo Infinite's new community-led playlist - these curated Forge maps are really fun!

Have a great weekend.

Craig Reid, Video Producer

This weekend is a bit top secret. I’ve got two games on the go that I can’t exactly talk about.

However, I’m also getting back into Destiny 2, specifically The Witch Queen expansion. With Lightfall on its way, I thought now would be a pretty good time to refresh my mind of the goings on within that land of Destiny. Between that and the hush hush games, I think I’ll continue to shred some gnar on Riders Republic. Honestly, it’s such a fun game.

Have a lovely weekend gang!

What Xbox games are you playing this weekend? Let us know down in the comments below.