Back in 2013, the hype around Grand Theft Auto V was palpable. It had been a solid five years since GTA IV burst onto the scene, and even the impending release of the Xbox One wasn't doing much to squash the GTA 5 hype. Now, as we enter a brand-new week of September in 2023, can you believe that's it's officially more than a decade since the last proper GTA release?

Yep, despite multiple ports and remaster efforts over the last 10 years, GTA 5 first launched on September 17th, 2013 for Xbox 360 - making it a whole decade void of anything new from the series. One of the biggest gaming IPs on the planet has been largely MIA for more than an entire console generation, which is crazy to think about!

Of course, thanks to some huge leaks (and easy guesswork, admittedly) we now know that GTA 6 is well into development at this stage. Publisher projections even hint at a release within the next year or two, and given that Red Dead Redemption 2 is now five years old, that sounds about right to us. The GTA drought may soon be over.

And so, how are you feeling about GTA 6 at the moment? The project is shrouded in such mystery that we don't really know how to feel about it at this stage. We know that it will be an absolutely momentous occasion when it does eventually launch, but we just can't get too excited about it at the moment when we've heard nothing official outside of leaked information.

At the time of its release, GTA 5 was such a phenomenon that it'd be hard to pull off that kind of feat again, but we'd be here for it if Rockstar managed it! Given that GTA 5 is still being played by thousands and thousands of people in 2023 across multiple platforms, they've got a tall task on their hands in trying to repeat such astronomical success.

Do you have any lasting GTA 5 memories? Are you starting to get excited about 6 yet? Leave all of your thoughts on the series down below.