halo 3

This past weekend, the absolutely classic Halo 3 hit 15 years of age after gracing our screens back in September 2007. The Xbox 360 was young, Microsoft was still hell bent on growing the Xbox brand, and Halo 3 was perhaps the company's most important release of the 360 era at that point.

For Halo itself, it was the series' first leap into the HD era after Halo 2 took Combat Evolved's foundations and turned them into a proper franchise. At the time, Halo 3 promised to 'finish the fight', featuring an epic narrative conclusion with the game's story-driven campaign sequel.

Of course, these were the 360 days so multiplayer was huge at the time as well. Halo 3 was one of the online darlings of the era as Xbox Live continued to grow and become a huge part of the Xbox ecosystem. Bungie delivered a vast suite of online maps and modes, all in HD on Xbox 360, after Halo multiplayer exploded with Halo 2.

halo 2 anniversary

We can't forget the game's marketing at the time either. Microsoft conjured up the incredibly memorable 'Believe' advertising campaign that used real life models and figures to create one of the game's battle scenes. This Diorama, paired with its TV advertisements and connected short stories, is still one of the strongest marketing campaigns we can recall in gaming, especially in the Xbox space.

So, taking all of this into account, do you think Halo 3 remains the pinnacle of the franchise in 2022? Would you take the original, or maybe even a newer entry in the franchise instead?

Pick a mainline game from the poll and let us know!

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