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In a world filled with seemingly infinite choices on games, TV shows, movies, you name it, we tend to prefer our gaming experiences to fall on the shorter side in this day and age. That's not to say we don't love getting stuck into a huge RPG every now and then, but sampling a wider variety of shorter titles is typically our preferred way to go.

That's especially true when Xbox Game Pass comes into the fold, and thanks to a recent feature from the lovely folks at VG 24/7 bringing this to the forefront of our brains, we thought it worth asking you guys. Is a game's length something you even consider when looking for your next Game Pass gem?

We often find ourselves hitting up 'How Long To Beat' when a new Game Pass title pops up that piques our interest - we like making sure we can actually get through it in a timely manner! However, we assume plenty of folks just dive into anything that interests them, especially if they have the spare time to dig into a game of any length.

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Recently, a good selection of short games have come to Xbox Game Pass that we've really enjoyed having the time to actually finish. Road 96 remains one of our very favourite Game Pass additions this year, not to mention the likes of As Dusk Falls, Metal: Hellsinger, and Immortality providing great Game Pass thrills within neat and tidy playtimes.

For us, having a broad selection of shorter titles just means we get to play and experience more of what Game Pass has to offer, but what do you lot think? Is game length something you often consider, or do you go purely on whether the game itself appeals to you?

Vote in the poll and let us know more down in the comments section!

Do You Go For Shorter Titles On Xbox Game Pass?